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Nova Latsavong

Note :

Name:  Nova

Home :  Dongdok, Vientiane, Laos P.D.R

Favorite:  Pho, grilled chicken, papaya salad, and sticky rice.

Hobbies:  Reading, hanging out with my close buddy, soccer , and badminton.

Dream for your future:  I want to have my own business.

Short introduction:  Hello! My name is Nova Latsavong and I was born in Vientiane. An interesting thing about me is that I am scared of mice, hamsters and rats. 

I love grilled chicken, sticky rice and spicy papaya salad. My favorite restaurant is Kub Khao Lao so let's go together!

I like to play guitar and hang out with my friends. 

I really like Luang Prabang city because it is very peaceful and quite.