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Why study English?

English is the language of the world! It's the language of business, travel, and education. With a knowledge of English, you are on your way to a better job, more cross-cultural experiences and fun.

What Makes GEI Different?

GEI offers you a quality, results-oriented English language program in a caring, community environment.

GEI's qualified international team of teachers will guide you to develop English proficiency with our well-rounded curriculum.

Your Experience at GEI Shows!

In May 2017, former GEI students, King and Khammy graduated from Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand. King has returned to teach at GEI and Khammy is teaching English in Xiangkwuang. 

In December 2016, another GEI student, Nou, was accepted to study at Monash University in Australia.

In March 2014, Sengpor, a former GEI student, graduated from Mountain View College in the Phillipines. He's now working at an NGO in Laos.

In December 2012, another GEI student, Xaoling, was selected by the US Embassy to participate in a US studytour.

Congratulations to each of our students! We're so proud of you.


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School News

  • Final Exams
    Posted on 01 Aug 2017

    Final Exams are coming up soon. Check your term schedule for the dates. And your Final Party Day to celebrate the end of the class is August 1!

  • GEI School Spirit Week
    Posted on 10 Jul 2017

    GEI School Spirit Week is here. Be sure to find out from your teacher how to be involved.

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